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Question 1:  Which of these are you more likely to volunteer to participate in?

Organizer for local fundraiser.
Actor in a local play.
Hand holder a local blood drive.
Ticket taker at local football game.

Question 2:  When entering a crowded party, what is your natural tendency?

Do something to become the center of attention.
Find your select friends and stay with them all night.
Mingle around the room.
Find the person standing by themselves and talk to them.

Question 3:  You have a tendency to:

Always think before you act.
Always act before you think.
Usually think before you act.
Usually act before you think.

Question 4:  When asked to help with your friend's party, which task do you select?

Finding the perfect entertainment.
Creating and maintaining the guest list.
Picking a theme for the party.
Arranging the furniture to ensure everyone will fit.

Question 5:  Do you feel others see you as:


Question 6:  When explaining something, do you:

Go into lots of details and facts.
Use metaphors and imagery.
Base your explanation on the person you are talking to.
You don't like explaining things and let others do that for you.

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